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Q. About getting your images ready to upload.

A. If you are using an application to resize your images the following guidelines will be of interest:-   Try for 1280x1024 pixels, 45cmx33.12cm,  38 pixels/cm. These figures should give you around 195kb, but different results may appear with different applications. Its important to keep the pixels/cm figure as high as you can to achieve just under 200kb.

Q. What if I don't have Pay Pal or don't want to use it?

A. The site is based on a Pay Pay quick payment option. So! if you want to list but not use Pay Pal your sale item can be linked to your personal web sale site or an external or other site where it is listed for sale using another payment method. This is an extra and will require one donation per item listed. For this you must supply the link with the description in the listing form.

Q. What if I would like one of my submissions locked into the first spot on the Home page slideshow?

A.  Having the top spot on the Home page slide show just requires a donation.  The top spot on the sale pages requires two donations.

Q. What if I submitted an add and it has not appeared?

A. The site requires high quality images as explained on the Terms page. If you submission has not appeared it is possible it has been deemed unsuitable. This can be because there is enough of that technique on the site already, poor image quality or not to the desired standard. This is up to the site admin and no discussion will be entered into. It could also be that the person who uploads the submissions has just not got to yours.

Q. What if I don't want to sell internationally?

A. Thats OK you can only sell locally.  You only need to choose one price field, in the listing form, just put a '0' zero in the price fields you don't want to use.

Q. What if I failed to include postage/delivery in the price,  want to add more information or change the description?

A.  It is the listers/sellers responsibility to transact the sale and notify this site that the item has been sold. If you omit details or wish to add more details simply resubmit with a note in the description that it is a addition or correction.  Additions or re-listings requested after the sale item has been listed on the site will require a donation.

Q. Does the site take a commission from the PayPal sale or from PayPal later?

A.  No the sale is transacted directly between the seller and the buyer using PayPal. The site extracts no commission or fee from the seller or buyer. We do however invite you to make a donation to the upkeep of the site however this is your choice.